Linode Best Cloud Hosting for WordPress (Price & Plans) 2022

Linode Cloud Hosting for WordPress (Price & Plans) – Just like AWS, Cloudways, DigitalOcean, and Google Cloud Platform GCP, Linode is a cloud hosting service specializing in high-end SSD Linux servers and power presets. Christopher Pickles launched the company in 2003, and Linode has overgrown from a humble beginning. In May 2008, the New Jersey-based operations switched from UML to Zenuml Visualizations.

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There are many bloggers or site business owners searching online for Linode cloud, Linode pricing, Linode server, Linode hosting, etc. related terms because they want Linode Cloud Hosting for WordPress websites.

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Over the years, Linode has become a multinational company. Data centers have been opened in England, Japan, Singapore, and Germany. Meanwhile, it has endured security breaches in 2012 and 2013. This ultimately escalates to the security measures set by the company.

This Virtual Private Server (VPS) company primarily focuses on cloud hosting. They host several well-known clients, including Bawang and AQ Radio. In total, they serve over 400,000 Linux customers, and that number grows from year to year. Our editors rated Linode 4.5/5 based on user ratings, prices, and features.

Linode – Best Cloud Hosting for WordPress

Our Hosting Linode Hosting Review (2022 Update) is based on what honest people on Twitter say about Linode. We help you make the best-informed decision about whether you should buy cloud hosting from Linode. The company is a cloud hosting provider that provides hosting infrastructure to over 400,000 customers worldwide from eight data centers throughout North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

Linode - Best Cloud Hosting for WordPress

Linode offers a high-performance cloud hosting that allows you to access a robust cloud server in seconds using SSD industry-government storage on a 40 GBIT network and an Intel E5 processor.

Free trials are available with Linode:

If you are still on the fence about using Linode as your host cloud, enlist for a 7-day free trial offered by Linode to test your platform. The cheapest Linode cloud hosting plan is $5 per month.

What Does Linode Cloud Hosting Offer?

Just like Cloudways and Amazon Web Services AWS, Linode is a WordPress cloud hosting service specializing in a high-perimeter SSD Linux server. It means a successful and innovative approach to security. This includes participation in the Hackerone Bug Program, which pays white-hat hackers to find vulnerabilities.

While companies do not use the terms of industrial standards (for example, combined hosting, VPS hosting, etc.) to refer to their plans, they are similar to VPS hosting. However, we would like to clarify that the program is *not* 1-to-1 compliant.

Over a Decade of Experience:

This US-based company has over a decade of experience and customers in over 130 different countries worldwide.

What are the main features of Linode cloud hosting?

As a company, Linode makes them proud in three main areas. The ingredients of simplicity, power, and reliability are the recipes for success. And it can be used to help with business at all stages of each journey.

Feature of Linode Cloud Hosting for WordPress:

With various plans, Linode can help your business with the following features:

  • 9 Datacenters across 3 separate regions
  • Linode API
  • Scaling and cloning
  • Full IPv6 support
  • Command-line access
  • Custom stack deployment capability
  • DNS manager

Uptime and Performance:

All businesses should demand this feature, especially in the current environment. Guaranteed server uptime is 99.9% which should not be overlooked.

Linode is also a robust solution, and around 40 Gbps networks can’t be any complaints. Meanwhile, the Intel E5 processor is also the fastest in the cloud market.

Easy-to-Use Control Panel:

For the sake of simplicity, the motion is entirely occupied by the control panel. The layout is well designed and can be navigated easily. In addition, the ability to modify things to suit individual needs is also some of the selling points. As far as monitoring the situation is concerned, one cannot sue more than this.

Quick Launch and API Access:

Once the account is activated, it can launch the cloud server in seconds. This allows more time to complete the strategy and focus on the core. Being upholstered may require a bit of extra work to get the desired result. However, all tools are there. Sophisticated Fire makes platforms, scaling features, and DNS management easier.

The results can be excellent if the user has the skills to use this resource. While the default comes up, there is an option to enhance the managed solutions. Other add-ons include Nodbailns and Longview. The latter can help it run more smoothly than the former.

Use Your Smartphone to Manage Your Web Hosting:

Finally, the fact that the company claims to be applications that can be downloaded should be noted. Smartphones are universal in modern life. The application allows customers to create new Linodes, track existing items and even manage payment aspects from an account. Monitoring business solutions while traveling is a huge plus point for choosing Linode.

Choose from 9 Hosting Plans:

All Linodes are equipped with root access and including SSH. However, it still involves a broad level of flexibility. Linode offers a sum of nine standard plans. Starting with a 1GB to 96GB RAM plan, which means any business size can achieve a reasonable level. The starting package includes:

  • 1GB Ram
  • 1 Core CPU
  • 125Mbps Network Out
  • 24GB SSD Storage
  • 2TB Transfer

Maybe it is best to start with this trim package as it can be scaled up later if needed.

Final Words: Linode Cloud Hosting for WordPress

Linux solutions, in particular, carry limitations. However, a solution that is not managed makes it very flexible for people with this background knowledge. On the other hand, this means that clients may require expertise from levels that are not needed for other services.

It was upgraded to Managed cloud hosting Services. Under the right circumstances, Linode can be the best cloud hosting solution. However, a more extended trial period may be needed to decide one way or the other. Although it is impossible, the 7-day guarantee is a gift.

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